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  1. Rick Glaser Says:

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your very informative article on Iodine published on

    Do you think that the practice of “painting” the skin (e.g., the wrist) with tincture of iodine – containing both diatomic iodine (I2) and potassium iodide – is an effective way to supplement with iodine?

    Thanks again!

    Rick Glaser, an American in Riyadh

    • It makes sense to me, and that’s the way I’ve been supplementing lately. It’s readily absorbed and logically seems to be an efficient route into the bloodstream where it then travels throughout the body, saturating the cells as needed. I’ve read no studies on this so I can only tell you what I feel intuitively. Also, after 2 weeks of supplementing this way my body is not absorbing it as quickly as when I started, (the stains take longer to disappear), which is an indication that my tissues are sufficiently saturated. I hope this helps. – Mary

  2. Rick Glaser Says:

    I’ve got good news! There is evidence that 12% of topically-applied iodine is absorbed:

    Although the study on humans only showed 6.5% absorption of the 160 mg of iodine applied to the skin, bear in mind that serum iodide levels were examined for only 24 hours. Extrapolating from tests on other animals (rabbits on dogs), we know that 88% of topically-applied iodine evaporates in about 3 days, then evaporation stops, leaving 12% available to the body. It is reasonable to assume that the entire 12% will eventually make it into the bloodstream. In other words, 6.5% of the total iodine enters the bloodstream in the first day, and another 5.5% of the total iodine can be expected to enter the bloodstream over the next two days.

    It’s interesting to realize how easily iodine evaporates — not just the water and/or alcohol in the solution, but the iodine itself. In fact, there are studies of the iodine content in the air in coastal regions that show that iodine exists in the air as both an aerosol and a gas. I am willing to bet that there is lower incidence of lung cancer in populations that live near the coast.

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